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1) Options Trading was designed by Dan Keegan, a 38 year veteran of options trading. It is composed of seven separate modules. It begins with the market fundamentals and then options fundamentals. The next module shows how options can be used in conjunction with an equity or futures position. The third module deals with the most basic of options spreading techniques, vertical spreads. The fourth module once again deals with vertical spreads of a more complex manner. The fifth module deals with time value spreads where hedging takes place amongst different expiration cycles. The sixth module deals with the risk control tools that every options trader should have a thorough knowledge of, the “Greeks.” The seventh and final module deals with complex ratio spreads and the difference in pricing between out of the money put and call options. If a trader feels that they need help in only one area then they can choose the module that fits their needs. The overall course, however, is designed to take in all of the modules in an orderly manner. Each module has a quiz at the end of it. It is suggested that you only advance to the next module after you have scored at least 80% in the quiz that you have taken. If you purchase the entire seven modules together, not only do you receive a significant discount but you will also receive a 209 page text written by me. Every module has a power point and webinar produced by me. It also has many articles and webinars created by the top experts in the field of options trading.

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2) 20 hours of interactive one on one mentoring with an individual instructor who has at least 10,000 hours of trading on at least one of the trading exchanges in Chicago. Each session is recorded for the student’s review. Exercises are given to the student after each session. There is plenty of simulated trading that is reviewed by your instructor. The process lasts about six months. A final exam is given at the completion of the course and an Options Master designation is awarded.

3) Dan Keegan gives live presentation to large groups. These are two day programs lasting six hours per day. They are extremely interactive that cover options trading from A-Z.