I am very thankful that a friend of mine recommended that I take Dan’s options trading program. The value, power, and potential of options are much greater than I could have possibly envisioned. Dan Keegan is exceptionally knowledgeable, has and endless supply of patience and is always willing to provide mentoring sessions that fit the students’ schedules. The knowledge that I have gained will be invaluable in managing my personal investment portfolio as well as protecting my 401K from incurring substantial losses.”

Terry Clyne 


Dan Keegan is an excellent mentor, devoted to teaching a wide variety of trading strategies. If you want to learn options inside and out then enroll in this program.​

Billy Burke

If you want to control your financial destiny, rather than be held hostage to events beyond your control, this course is for you. If you vowed ‘never again’ when the market crashed, taking this course will enable you to protect yourself from disaster without sacrificing the powerful upside potential of equities. It teaches you how to insure your portfolio against loses and much more. In fact, it gives you a whole new vision of investing, enabling you to profit regardless of the markets’ direction. Dan Keegan is a rare combination of professionalism and patience, a valuable mentor to the experienced investor and novice alike.

Terry Nugent
Businessman and Investor

Dan’s program is an excellent 6 month curriculum that provides an in depth education to the world of options trading. As a full time employee during the day, my goal was to learn about options trading and risk management from a different perspective and apply the methods and logic learned in this unique course to my current portfolio.
 Dan Keegan is extremely knowledgeable and willing to offer his expertise to all of his students. The one-on-one sessions and charting are crucial in developing a better understanding of how time and volatility affect options trading. I recommend Dan's course to anyone wanting to learn about options for their own personal knowledge like me or for anyone interesting in trading as a career. It's been a great eye opener and wish I had taken the class a long time ago.
 Thanks Dan for all your help and support and for tailoring my course to meet the demands of my busy schedule!"

As a professional in the financial industry I have come across all the trading courses out there, I choose and recommend Dan’s program. Dan’s years of experience, passion for the markets and dedication to teaching you the craft of trading provides a learning experience unrivaled by the competition.
Mitch Naumann

I enrolled in Dan’s options trading program and could not be happier with my decision. Prior to Dan’s program, I tried trading options with little knowledge. I was ultimately unsuccessful and realized I needed some professional direction. Thankfully, I did my research and found Dan.
Dan’s course is designed to perfection. It offered everything that fit my needs and that’s why I chose him. I wanted hands-on training, not just the typical classroom/textbook style course. I wanted to learn the advanced skills that the average options trader does not understand or utilize. I wanted all this plus flexible mentoring sessions that can accommodate my busy schedule. Dan fulfilled all of my requests and I am so proud of my investment with them. Within a few months I developed all the tools and strategies that are essential for properly trading options.
Considering I previously lost more money than the cost of Dan’s program, I value every dollar I spent for the Dan’s exceptional method of education. His approach provided me with the confidence and knowledge necessary to survive this unpredictable market. Because of Dan’s experience, I can proficiently trade options and apply my hard-earned money wisely. Whichever industry a person enters, instruction and guidance are vital to success – the same goes for options trading. 
Thanks, Dan for taking me under your wing and showing me the ropes." 

I went into Dan’s program thinking that I basically understood how options worked. Boy, was I surprised by the depth of insight I gained from Dan Keegan. I would still be locked into doing simple calls, puts or possibly a spread had I not learned that there is so much more to options trading. I learned that the real money in options was made by constantly hedging your changing position to profit whether the underlying goes up, down or sideways. The information I gained has allowed me to be flexible in using all of the available tools to the options trader, including buying or selling puts, calls or stock alone or in combination.

Nelson Levine
Brooklyn, New York​

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I must say, Dan has a vast array of knowledge in trading options. Working with Dan has brought more success to my trading, and has brought me new trading ideas within this volatile market. I highly recommend working with Dan to take advantage of his experience!

Dave Miller, 

If you think that in order to progress in the financial world that the only way forward is to do an Executive Master’s degree or the CFA, I can tell you that there are other solutions. Dan Keegan’s Options Trading program is one excellent alternative. 
 I chose Dan’s options course as I wanted to develop my trading skills in both the Equity and Forex markets. In my role I use many financial tools daily in order to analyze the market and understand where efficiencies can be made to create value for the trading desk and the portfolios we trade for. I considered various courses, however when I looked at the Options Course syllabus offered by Dan and compared it to what was on offer elsewhere, I quickly realized that this was a very hands-on course with one big advantage: One to one mentoring sessions with a highly respected and seasoned Options professional, Dan Keegan. The material in Dan’s program is extremely beneficial on the job and more practical than many university degrees and industry courses.
 The course also really teaches you time-management skills because you have to balance work, your family life, studying, and figure out what takes priority. And since the options course can be tailored to your needs it is self-paced. The bottom line is that Dan can teach how to trade more efficiently by using options but you basically have to teach yourself how to plan all of this training.

Learning how to put on Spreads, Straddles and Strangles doesn’t make you an option trader.  It takes tremendous discipline and application of knowledge combined with expert coaching.  Dan Keegan provided me with all three of these…he taught me how to think like a professional option trader. The time and money invested in his program will yield me a lifetime of trading success and I would highly recommend anyone who’s serious about their option trading to invest in their future with Dan Keegan.
Neri Lugo
Mortgage Broker​​


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